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Body Fat Testing

Body Fat Testing Manchester, Altrincham, UK
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£45 Per Test or Book 3 Sessions for £120

Body Fat  testing
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What is Bod Pod Body Fat Testing Altrincham?

Bod Pod Testing Manchester is a simple non evasive, accurate way to to carry out body fat testing . Sit back & relax for just 3 minutes. Now available in Manchester.

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How To Get Your Body Fat Tested

Want to know how to test your  Body Fat, or where to get your Body Fat accurately tested? You can with us in Manchester, to help acheive your goals!

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Body Fat Test for Optimum Health

Body Composition testing is a great way to track your health. A higher percentage of body fat can indicate current or future health issues. Now available in Manchester UK

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Thousands of people have discovered the right way to eat, train & stay healthy. We want to share our success with you. Tracking Body Fat with testing helped our Success.

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Body Composition Testing – Body Fat Testing

Let us help you on your path to achieve your goals.

Body Composition testing is a now available to everyone. Providing you with the most accurate data on your body metrics. Our Bod Pod measures body fat percentage, muscle mass, water percentage and accurate weight with clever air displacement technology. A fantastic start to any weightloss, weight gain or muscle gain program so you can track and adapt your progress.


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