Location, Moss Lane, Altrincham, Manchester, UK
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Welcome to Bod Positive – Your Local Body Composition Testing Facility

Body Fat Testing Altrincham

body fat testing, altrincham

What do we do at Bod Positive – Body Composition Testing

Bod Positive is a new body composition testing facility based in Altrincham. Why? Because we recognise that the fitness industry is growing rapidly. People are wanting to understand more about their body health and our Bod Pods can help you with that.

We are a shared unit with Randalls Gift Shop on Moss Lane in Altrincham
Located down stairs with own private testing area and Gym Wear section

What is a Body Composition Test?

It’s a quick non evasive test where you sit in a Bod Pod for a few minutes. In a few short moments the Pod works out your Body Fat percentage, Lean Mas, weight and Resting Metabolic Rate. All of which are fantastic nuggets of information when trying to lose weight and or gain muscle.

Bod Positive - Body Fat Testing Facility in Altrincham
Bod Positive – Body Fat Testing Facility in Altrincham

To get an idea of what is involved we have found a video kindly posted by twin doctors Chris and Xand available to watch on youtube

Our Facility is opening soon and to the public. You can book your test securely online via our website. Book Now

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