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Keto Is Not Just Weight Loss

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Weight Loss Is Not That Simple

By Sonia Stanley

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Hey, (deep breath) this is a little weird for me, I am not a writer, but here goes. 

I have decided to share the constant struggle ever since I can remember, with food, diets and exercise. I think like most people, I have tried EVERYTHING. 

I have in the past joined a running club, I play squash usually once a week and additional to that I was weight lifting too, as I look back now, my regime was pretty gruesome and yet none of it was very effective…it didn’t get me any of the results I was looking for.

I already believed the common mantra that you cannot outrun a bad diet, but I was eating healthy? I followed the UK guidelines of Low Fat meals, I “carb loaded” for heavy lifting days and longer runs, I ate regularly to have “enough energy”, however, all it did was increase my hunger and had little to no effect.

 Carb loaded, bootcamps and lifting weights 

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m aware that in neither picture I am considered obese, but I was classed as overweight and for the amount of exercise I was doing this was far from the result I was looking for.

Then came starvation – Not completely like anorexia, but things like skipping breakfast, salad lunches and a very low fat evening meal!….it got me skinny results…. Looking back now I am not sure I looked healthy but I just did not care. I fitted in a size 8 jeans!

But, you see, skinny doesn’t last! And even though I enjoyed fitting into those size 8 jeans I was utterly miserable…. AND HUNGRY……ALL THE TIME!!!

And guess what….

You get bored, and tired of not eating real foods and foods I craved so badly, then a holiday comes and BAM….I’m back up 2 dress sizes in 3 months!

Anyway, my tale is not just about weight, generally I felt alright, but sometimes, probably more often than I care to admit, I was really down, a bit tearful and moody. I was bloated quite a lot of the time (as you can witness above).

I still felt lethargic and often needed a nap during the afternoon. But I carried on gymming and weight lifting to try and shift the pounds, it was then that I developed sciatica a nagging very painfil feeling at the top of my left buttock. It was agony when I attempted to squat heavy or deadlift, even getting dressed some mornings was a struggle. I had to stop the weight lifting & squating and I began instead to do yoga in a hope that stretching would help. I also began sports massages, they were not cheap, alas not much change, so I carried on, assuming this is just how it was meant to be.

Isn’t that normal! As we get older things are supposed to be slowing down
It’s just old age …..

I had already deduced from previous experiences that when I ate bread I became very uncomfortable, (constipation & bloating) which led me to check out the gluten free trend.

I tried it for a short while and it did provide me with a little light relief, but it didn’t explain the brain fog, low moods and daily slumps. My research continued and I stumbled across an amazing documentary on Netflix “The Magic Pill”

What a revelation! This documentary highlighted Sugar Addiction, people see this as an extreme but carbs and sugars do kill, however, because it is not instant it is deemed stupid that you could ever imagine this possible! But just think……We crave sugary & starchy foods, we want that “Sugar rush” that “sweet pick me up” thet “quick energy burst” but in eating this way all we are doing is feeding an illness, we overeat,we crave, we surrender, and all this over time gives us high blood sugar – continuous high blood sugar causes insulin resistance – and this plays havoc and inflammation as well as creating excess fat storage.

Inflammation is the cause of so many illnesses that we all recognise and live with. but it is not seriously recognised……but for me It all began to make sense.

I knew carbohydrates turned to glucose (for energy) yet I did not realise that those higher volumes of sugar being in my blood led to fat storage or endangered my health.

In fact I, like many others, had been brainwashed into believing that no human could survive without carbs as an source of energy.

That one documentary has changed my life for the better, it led me to discover doctors and scientists working to share this exact knowledge. 

On reflextion and after studying previous results, I know now that I was insulin resistant and pre diabetic. I was suffering from depression and inflammation in the body.
It takes a long time to mess yourself up and it has taken me 2.5 yesrsto heal.
I have stuck with a ketogenic way of life to be able to do this, and you can too. healling from the inside helps you lose weight, start to try and lose weight you will fail. you are ill with metabolic syndrome, you need to heal and then everything else becomes easy.


Before I go, I implore you NOT to dismiss what I am saying, in fact I urge you to watch and find trustworthy sources of your own about the ketogenic lifestyle.

Contrary to popular beliefs:

From the 1920’s Ketosis has been used to help reduce epileptic seizures

I would like to leave you with the following thoughts –



An alcoholic is unable to give up alcohol – Can you give up sugar?

We were once told that smoking was good for our health
Doctors can sometimes get things very wrong!

Don’t be embarrassed  to reach out, I am always happy to help.

This is a humbling yet satisfying experience that I hope will help at least one person to change their life for the better.

Useful InformationYouTube

Recommended ketogenic programmes: Dietdoctor.com

Disclaimer: This article is a non commissioned piece or of profitable gain from any of the above mentioned. My views are my own and drawn from personal experiences over the last 10 years.

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