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Bod Pod Test

Body Fat Testing Altrincham

What Happens in A Bod Pod Test?

Enjoy this short video of a bod pod test is featured in Science for Kids with Dr Xand and Dr Chris van Tulleken. Twin doctors that regularly feature on BBC health documentaries, food and fitness.

Science for Kids with Dr Xand and Dr Chris van Tulleken – Bod Pod Test

Book Your Bod Pod Test Now

You can access our Bod Pod Testing facility by parking in the Stamford Quarter, Altrincham, Manchester and making your way to us just off post office street.

*Please note that although there is a car park where we are, it is for deliveries only and parking tickets could be issued.

Not only is our test quick, it is also non-evasive and Accurate so it provides you with information that can help with your weight loss, weight gain or muscle gain. We take care to sterilize our units after each use following Covid guidelines.

Accuracy of a Bod Pod Test

bod pod accuracy
bod pod accuracy

What to wear for my Bod Pod Test

Because we want you to receive the most accurate test, we ask at that you arrive wearing the appropriate attire for the test underneath your clothing so it can be carried out with ease.

Each pod test session takes approximately 25 minutes and in this time you will be required to undress to your testing outfit. You will then be asked to sit in the pod for 3 x 40 second tests. So all you need to do is sit comfortably but un-moving and to breath as normal. After the 3 tests you can exit the bod pod re-dress and our member of staff will collect your data ready to explain your results.

The Pod Test room is a quite, separate room for Bod Positive customer use only. You can remove your outer clothing behind private a screened curtain.

To ensure an accurate pod test, we recommend that you wear the following garments:

Men – we recommend Fitted lycra swim shorts. Please remove all glasses and jewellery

bod pod test
bod pod test

Women – Fitted lycra swim costume. Please remove all glasses and jewellery

bod pod test
bod pod test

Additionally we will provide you with a swim cap.

Why do we need the tight fitting clothing?

Wearing the suggested lycra fitted clothing will eliminate any air pockets and the cap will also because we use air displacement for the test.

Bod Positive

On arrival a member of our team will be there ready to greet you for your pod test. Our Bod Positive Testing room has easy access with private changing facilities.