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Body Fat Percentage

Body Fat Testing Altrincham

Why Should I know my body fat percentage?

We recommend having a body fat test done to discover your body fat percentage. If you are trying to lose weight or are in the body building world can be helpful. Having a Body Fat Test will accurately track your progress. The scales can sit still even though your body is changing and this can make us feel bad. With a body fat test you see results that give you more motivation to continue with your hard work.

Where can I Get A Body Fat test?

Body Fat tests are now available at our facility in Altrincham Manchester. We are the first company to offer this accurate service outside of universities and welcome everyone to take part.

What can I Learn From A Body Fat Test?

ABody Fat Test can be extremely useful for identifying of health issues. If your results are high this can increase a risk of developing many potentially serious health conditions:
Type 2 diabetes
High blood pressure
Atherosclerosis (where fatty deposits narrow your arteries), which can lead to coronary heart disease and stroke

What is Body Fat Percentage?

The amount of fat you carry in your body is what we call body fat. This excludes any found in blood, bones and water etc. Storage body fat (sits just under the skin) needed for insulation and protection of organs. Also Essential body fat, the minimum amount of fat the body needs to properly function. We take both into account in the calculation of body fat.

Suggested Guidelines For Men

Essential body fat for men comprises between 2 & 5 percent of their body mass. The American Council on Exercise suggest that ideally athletes will have between 6 and 13 percent body fat.
14 and 17 percent of body fat is considered ideal fitness for non-athletes.
With the average body fat percentage for men being between 18 and 24 percent.

Your ideal body fat percentage is dependent on age. As you get older, extra fat provides energy reserves. Suggested minimum body fat percentages are :
8 percent for men ages 40yrs and under.
11 percent for men between the age of 41 and 60
and 13 percent for men 61 and over.

Body Fat For Men
Body Fat Test

Body Fat For Women:

Women who exercise regularly and are in good condition are considered “healthy”. This includes women aged 19 to 29 whose body fat is between 19 to 22 percent.
Women aged 30 to 39 with body fat between 20 to 24 percent.
In their 40s with body fat between 23 percent and 27 percent.
50 years and older with body fat from 27 to 31 percent.

The average woman has an acceptable range of body fat. But she could improve her body composition and overall wellness by decreasing it slightly.
The acceptable suggested ranges for classification are between 22 percent and 25 percent for women agess19 to 29.
23 percent and 28 percent for women in their 30s.
26 percent and 31 percent for women in their 40s.
Between 31 percent and 34 percent for women ages 50 and older.

“High” body fat percentage category are women who’s ranges for this classification are between 25 percent and 30 percent.
For women ages 19 to 29, 26 percent.
32 percent for women in their 30s, 29 percent.
34 percent for women in their 40s.
Between 34 percent and 38 percent for women ages 50 and older.

Body Fat Test

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