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Low Carb High Fat Lifestyle

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You’ve heard of Keto?

Our team at Bod positive enjoy practicing a Low Carb High Fat lifestyle. We prefer to not label this way of eating as Keto because we also sometimes enjoy a carb loaded meal!

Why Eat Low Carb High Fat?

We believe that too much sugar in your blood is the cause of many health issues. Heart disease to dementia and even some cancers.

Why are Carbohydrates so bad?

What many people struggle to understand is that once eaten, Carbohydrates turn into glucose (sugar). This sugar swims around in your blood giving you raised blood sugar. When this is sustained for long periods of time it causes serious health issues to begin with : Type 2 Diabetes.

Then because the sugar in your blood is constantly too high you stop producing insulin to remove it. This exhausts the pancreas out (the pancreas releases insulin to remove the sugar from your blood).

Pancreas releases Insulin when your blood sugar is too high – Low Carbohydrate, High Fat

Did You Know?

Insulin is your fat storing hormone.

Carbohydrates and Sugar makes your body release insulin.

When insulin is released it is to remove sugar from your blood and then stores it as fat.

But when you eat fat, there is no need for insulin as your blood sugar stays stable.

Will Eating Fat Give Me Heart Disease?

The simple answer is NO. A colossal amount of evidence now proves that this theory (no thanks to Ancel Keys) is not true. Thousands of people all over the world are eating saturated fats & high fat meals without sugar and living healthy lives. For more information and testimonials pay a visit to “The Diet Doctor”

Isn’t this just Atkins?

Contrary to popular belief, the answer is NO, similar in lowering the carbs, but Atkins focused on maintaining low fat. Using a higher protein intake, but guess what….. Too much protein also turns to glucose in your blood so you are back to square one!

Look at it this way. There are 3 macro nutrients – Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats. As soon as you remove one something needs to replace it.

We have tried to remove Fat and guess what replaced it – CARBOHYDRATE – SUGAR! Leading us to a world of Diabetes, Heart Disease, Dementia, Adhd in Children & Cancers (just to name a few).

Eating a Low Carb High Fat diet cures so many of these illnesses. We can reverse type 2 diabetes, reverse inflammations in the body & help the cognitive thought processes!

Your brain is made up of approximately 60% fat. We can give our brain energy by feeding it glucose to survive or we can nourish our brains with ketones. Ketones are produced from eating a high fat low carbohydrate diet so it flourishes.

Still not convinced?

Come and visit us at Bod Positive, for advise on how we live our healthy disease free lives!

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